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Why it is important to hire a MARA Agent?

Australia is a land of opportunities. Multicultural society, beautiful weather, developed infrastructure, world class higher education system and high wage rates are only some of the benefits that Australia offers. That’s why it is one of the top preferences for migration aspirants.

But how do you migrate? Who can you depend on for migration advice?

There are thousands of cases where people have tried to lodge their own visas and have burnt their fingers.

Also, there is no dearth of agents outside Australia who are look at online information and try to assist people to migrate. Mostly, they do not know how to read the law and how it applies to the client’s circumstances. Many people have suffered monetary and time loss because of incorrect advice or unrealistic promises.

Here comes the role of a Registered Migration Agent.

A Registered Migration Agent is authorised by the Australian government agency called MARA to give migration advice and assistance.

A MARA Agent has studied immigration law from Australian University to be registered as one. He/She has in depth knowledge of immigration law and associated policy.

Bound by a Code of Conduct, a MARA agent must provide accurate advice.

Australian migration law is highly complex. It is ever changing and responds to the demands of national and states labour market.

A MARA Agent keeps his knowledge updated through mandatory Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses every year. These courses are designed to promote a standard of excellence in education and services in the migration profession.

A MARA Agent is trained to understand how the law will apply to a particular case. He/She lodges a well prepared application with all required documents, which can make it easier and faster to get a decision on your visa.

Relocating to another country is a big decision. It is a complex and often difficult process, and needs to be embarked upon with the very best help available.

If you would like us to assist you to migrate to Australia, you can get in touch with our MARA Agent.

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