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Quick Guide to Australia's Skilled Immigration Program

Australia has skilled labour shortages. These shortages are highly pronounced in the fields of Engineering, IT, construction, healthcare, teaching, Finance and Accounts, shipping and research.


There are a set of temporary and permanent visas that fulfil a part of this demand. The visa application is only by invitation. You need to submit an expression of interest on the Department of Immigration Website. You may or may not need state sponsorship.


Experienced professionals and skilled workers can apply for these visas - if they are eligible.

The eligibility can be assessed correctly by a Registered Migration Agent. The candidates age, qualifications, occupation, experience etc will be checked against the criteria for skill assessment authorities, state sponsorship bodies and Migration Law requirements.

Based on these factors, the Migration agent can also suggest - the required score for English test.


The states change their lists of occupations - depending on their requirements. Also, as there are quotas for the occupation - the quotas can be nearing completion or may have been completed for the year.

There may be a need to re-strategise the process - depending on these factors.


A few examples of candidates - who could be eligible for Permanent Residency through skilled migration:

1. 37 years, Civil Engineer with 25 years experience in the same field.

2. 29 years, Software Engineer with 5 years experience

3. 42 years Research & Development Manager, with 15 years experience

4. A 35 years, IT project Manager with 10 years experience

5. 36 years, Student Counsellor with 10 years experience

6. 38 years, Head of Human Resources with an experience of 12 years

7. 28 years, Construction Manager with 4 years experience

8. 34 years, farmer with 10 years experience

9. 25 years, Accountant with 2 years experience

10. 44 years, Marketing Head with 20 years experience

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