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New 457 visa proposed and new occupation lists: A lot has changed on 19th April, 2017

Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, the current Prime Minster of Australia, is all set to bring in a series of reforms to Australia's skilled migration and employer- sponsored programs starting from 19th April 2017.

The underlying agenda, according to a press release by the Prime Minister, titled, 'Putting Australian workers first' - is to safeguard Australian workforce and restricting foreign workers to critical skill shortages. In other words, the objective of these reforms is to - allow only highly skilled professionals and workers to be able to access Australian Residency.

Some changes have taken effect from today i.e. 19th April, 2017 and these are:

1. New Occupation Lists and removal of about 200 occupations

SOL and CSOL will be replaced by MLTSSL and STSOL.

MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List replaces SOL (Skilled Occupation List). This list has occupations that are critical and high in demand in Australia.

STSOL (Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) replaces CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List). This list has occupations that the State governments can chose from - to form their State Lists for sponsorship.

There would be further restrictions on a certain number of occupations in both the lists - while applying for different visas like Subclass 190, Subclass 489, Subclass 186, Subclass 457 etc.

About 200 occupations have been dropped from these lists. Going forward, these candidates will not be able to apply for skilled migration or employer sponsored visas. Some of the removed occupations are Human Resource adviser, Financial Institution Branch Manager, Training & Development Professionals, Research and Development Professionals, web developer etc.

2. Stricter Employer Sponsored Visas

The employer sponsored temporary and permanent visas will have stricter requirements. The changes will include condensed occupation lists, lesser options to apply for further employment sponsored visas onshore, higher English language requirements and lower age requirements. Australian employers - who are planning to sponsor candidates for these visas - also have stricter guidelines and requirements.

Some changes have taken effect starting today - i.e. 19th April 2017 and more will come into effect in the coming few months. By March 2018, a completely new visa (Temporary Skill Shortage - TSS) visa will replace the current Subclass 457 visa.

Who can be impacted

These changes have been highly abrupt. Current and future visa applicants (Skilled and employer sponsored) can be hugely impacted. Some of these applicants will find that they are ineligible to apply for Australian employer sponsored and skilled migrations programs. In general, stricter rules like condensed occupation lists, higher English scores etc will make it difficult in future to apply for Australian Residency.

Australian migration laws are always changing. If you are planning to apply for Australian Residency through skilled migration or employer sponsored programs, act now!

For tomorrow may be too late.

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