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When two people want to be together, a thing as basic as a visa should never come in between. But it can!

Unfortunately for many couples who wish to make Australia their home, the partner visa process can be challenging and can often end with heartbreak.


Ten Heads Immigration, however, makes it their business to unite two people who wish to spend their lives together in Australia. 

If you are in a - de facto* relationship or married to an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen - you are eligible to apply for a Partner Visa application. You need to be sponsored for the visa - by your Partner 


A Partner visa application is an application for both temporary and permanent Partner visa. The temporary visa is granted first**. And once you complete 2 years from the date of Partner Visa applications, you will be eligible for the grant of the permanent visa.


If you are onshore i.e. in Australia, then you need to apply:

  • Subclass 820 Visa (temporary)

  • Subclass 801 Visa (permanent)


If you are offshore i.e. outside Australia, then you need to apply:

  • Subclass 309 Visa (temporary)

  • Subclass 100 Visa (permanent)


The documentary requirement for a Partner visa is very exhaustive. Apart from the basic mandatory documents, you need to submit documents to prove:

  1. Financial aspect of the relationship

  2. Social aspect of the relationship

  3. Nature of the household

  4. Nature of the commitment



That's where Ten Heads can Immigration can help with their expert advice

Couples who choose to do it alone tend to experience refusal because the above documents are often provided incorrectly. Partner visa process is complex and stressful for most couples.


We have proven expertise in handing Partner visa applications and getting the desired outcomes for our clients.


You can book a 20-minute - complimentary consultation with our 'Registered Migration Agent' to discuss your case.


*De facto relationship to apply for a Partner Visa application should be at least 12-months old. If the relationship is not 12 months old, then there are very specific waiver provisions for the 12-month rule in Migration policy. 

**If you are in a long-term relationship (there are other provisions as well) - you may be eligible for the grant of the Partner Permanent Visa - straight away. Talk to us!