TenHeads Immigration Consultants represents clients from all over the world on Australian Immigration matters. Our expertise and customer focus ensures a fair representation of your case.

We understand that migration is stressful. With our step by step guidance, we endeavour to make the process easy for you.

Once it has been determined that TenHeads Immigration Consultants will represent you, you will receive a Service Agreement. It details the mutual responsibilities and breakdown of the various fees, including Department of Immigration fees. The process starts after the signed agreement and the required initial payments are returned to us.

You may contact us anytime during the process for any clarifications.

We look forward to helping you, your family and friends in Australian immigration matters!

Visa Services
Student Services


                     Check your eligibility for applicable visa before signing the agreement
                     Provide complete document checklists and provide formats for documents
                     Will submit all applications on your behalf for skill assessment, for state
                     nomination and to the Department of Immigration; Border Protection
                     Keep you updated throughout the process

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