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I specialize in AUSTRALIA MIGRATION and provide immigration services to professionals and skilled workers - who are planning to migrate.

About 160,000 people will get Permanent Resident visas this year. If you are planning to make Australia your next home, give me a call.

Having migrated here myself, I understand the joys and tribulations of migration.

I have traveled to ACT, NSW, Victoria and live in Queensland, Australia. I’ve learned a lot about Australia and I’m happy to share what I know with you. I have strong ties to India and the Middle East. I take pride in offering an honest and competent immigration service.

I am a Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1575911), having completed the Graduate Certificate in Migration Law & Practice from Australian National University (ANU).

Australian Migration Law is complex. A Migration Agent is trained to submit applications that satisfy all the criteria of the visa and is ready for decision The application is submitted on your behalf by the agent, with best possible chances of having the visa granted.

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Pradeep Brar

How the Brar family moved to Australia


Our migration journey started at a dinner party.

When we made our way to the dinner party in the summer of 2012, little did we know what impact it would have on our lives or that the hottest discussion that night would be: to stay in our home country or to migrate.
My husband, Jas, voiced his opinions at the dinner -  he wanted to ensure our children got an education overseas. He also wanted them to pursue their careers and build their lives overseas. He wanted us to migrate as well. At that point, I wasn’t aware of his thoughts on the matter but was pleasantly surprised as deep down I also wanted the same for us.

Somehow, we just never discussed it openly among ourselves. So, the discussion at the dinner party was an unexpected, but very welcome trigger for us. 
Our new friend at the party and his wife were migrating to Australia and the evening was full of praises for life in Australia. So that very night, Australia began to occupy a spot in our mind, and hearts. 
We got back home, I asked Jas, “Were you serious?” He immediately said, “Absolutely”.

I asked him to think through it thoroughly. After all, it would be a big move for all of us. Moreover, both of us had built successful businesses. I had a team of 12 employees in my recruitment firm and he had a successful property business. In every sense of the word, and as Indians say it: “We were settled”. Did we really want to uproot our lives and re-locate?





We woke up in the morning and the ‘new’ friend that we had just met yesterday, came to our home with a document checklist.
That’s when I realised that Jas had made up his mind. I looked at Jas with an uncertain look, but he spoke before I could. “Look, we have made a successful life here and we will make a successful life wherever you plant us in the world, even Timbuktu. So, don’t worry – this is for us. You will thank me once day! So, go ahead, we need to be treated to some masala tea now”.
Our new friend had a migration agent in Australia assisting him with his application and we hired him too.

The rest as they say is history. I still remember getting off that plane and setting foot on Australian soil. That day, I was experiencing a wide gamut of emotions. From raw excitement to trepidation, from looking forward to our lives in Australia to what I had left behind in India, from wanting to embrace our new homeland to reminiscing about the land we used to call home. 


So more than 7 years after taking the decision,

do we consider this to be a good decision?

In simple words, it was hands down the best decision that Jas had taken for us. We have gone through our own share of joys and sorrows, difficulties, butterflies in the stomach moments.

But overall, Australian migration has been the most beautiful adventure for all of us. Our children love it here and thank us every day for making that decision. 

I would owe our successful migration story to my husband Jas’s quick and clear decision-making.


Today, we have come full circle - it is both ironic and appropriate that we are in the business of helping others migrate to Australia. 

And as a happily married couple, we understand what it means to couples who dream of living together in this amazing country. 

Our Team

Meet Jas

Jas is a Director and the overall incharge of all functions. Jas brings along with himself a rich management and business background of 20+years.


Being a migrant himself, Jas fully understands the complexities and concerns going through the minds of prospective migrants.Gaining from his work experience over time and his own successful migration experience, Jas is also able to guide clients to adjust quickly to the Australian work environment.


Over the years he has assisted individuals, families and friends to successfully achieve their Australian migration dream. 


At Ten Heads, apart from active client management, he is responsible for leading the growth and business development at Ten Heads.

Meet Katie

A graduate in Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management from James Cook University Brisbane, Katie enjoys being part of multicultural community of Australia.


She is proud to be a member of Ten Heads Immigration Consultants team. She loves working with people from all walks of life and is highly detailed-oriented and conscientious.


At Ten Heads, Katie champions the brand building and marketing activities to help us reach more and more migration aspirants. She also ensures that all applications are filled with accuracy and assists clients to prepare the supporting documents/evidence.