Our Registered Migration Agent can conveniently and efficiently consult with people located anywhere in Australia or abroad by telephone or in-person at our location.
                  Call +61452577272 or
                  Register for a Consultation online or
                  Email us at contact@tenheadsimmigration.com

A 30-minute consultation costs $150. During the consultation, we will assess your case and provide you:
                   Advice on different visa options relevant to you
                   Basic requirements to apply for the visas
                   Tentative timelines and associated costs
                   The details of the application process
                   The details of the associated risks

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Whether it is consulting your teacher for that difficult mathematics problem or your doctor for any health issue, discussion with an expert helps.

Though there is enough information available online for every subject, the interpretation and application of that knowledge for your situation can best be done by a subject matter expert.

Your friend may have got his visa. Your profile and situation is similar. You may feel like doing it yourself by consulting him but one small little difference from his situation can change the entire application process and outcome.

Sometimes, it is difficult to rectify a mistake committed. Consult beforehand.

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